Legal and Lobbying support services

SibarS Inc. Legal and Lobbying servicesSibarS Inc legal support team provides multiple and various professional advocacy and lobbying services for partners. Our offerings are tailored to meet every government relations need. Whether you want to establish central government lobbying presence, closely monitor your important issues, or even try to get a law passed, defend private or corporate interests, our cost-effective government affairs plans provide the most affordable options for hiring a lobbyist in the entire industry.

Our lawyers have a sophisticated understanding of: 

  • Business and Corporate Law;
  • Tax Laws, Income & Sales Tax return issues;
  • Civil, Real Estate and property, Rent family laws;
  • Services & employments, overtime and pay claims;
  • Business Crime and Commercial fraud;
  • Business litigation;
  • Shipping Admiralty;
  • Banking & Finance law;
  • Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Anti corruption Law & criminal Cases;
  • Contracts and agreements cases;
  • Bail and wrongful confinements of citizens;
  • Damages and Defamation cases;
  • Check dishonor and its defense;
  • NAB, FIA and Malicious Prosecution;
  • Recovery of possession and property and illegal possessions cases.

We provide full scope of services supporting client's GR-communications through:

  • development of GR-strategies;
  • GR-analyst;
  • cooperation with executive authorities;
  • cooperation with bodies of legislative power;
  • cooperation with the regional and municipal authorities, territorials bodies in the constituent entities;
  • cooperation with governmental authorities of various countries, international organizations;
  • assistance in receipt of budget allocations (fundraising);
  • federal marketing;
  • coalition building and the mobilization of public opinion;
  • creation of communication infrastructure;
  • organization of interaction between government bodies, public organizations, the general public, representatives of the business community;
  • assistance in matters of tax, customs, tariff, antimonopoly regulation, monitoring and development of regulatory legal acts.

We provide professional integrity, experience and responsive service to each client, large or small and we are available to discuss whatever legal questions or issues our counterparts are facing. Our client benefit from fee arrangements that are flexible, transparent and competitive & aligned to our client success, for our clients understanding in advance what their total fees are likely to be.

We look forward to helping you find a satisfactory solution through our experienced lawyers support within a minimum expenditure, time and effort.


Head office: SibarS Inc, Plaza del Treball 13-3, Terrassa, 08222, Barcelona, Spain   
Estonian branch: SibarS OÜ, Sepapaja 6, 15551, Tallinn, Estonia