IT infrastructure evaluation

SibarS Inc. IT Tune-UP servicesSibarS offers its services of performance and architecture evaluation, review and possible optimization for client IT and communication infrastructure.
We deliver performance testing using both commercial and open source tools. Additionally, we provide specific recommendations on optimizing performance and stability of high-loaded and complex systems.


SibarS Inc. Performance and Bottleneck Testing Services

Today, it is a challenge to keep client applications at peak performance and scalability levels, as defined by the business, and it takes an effective solution to predict system behavior and evaluate its performance. In addition, when problems or bottlenecks occur, it is required to act quickly in order to diagnose the root cause and fix the problems.

SibarS Inc. has a dedicated Performance Optimization Group of 10+ professionals, which specializes in providing performance testing, analysis, and optimization services to our customers worldwide. Recommendations provided by our performance analysts are used by solutions architects to improve product design and configuration and achieve better scalability and performance. Basing upon rich experience, our performance analysts pinpoint existing application bottlenecks to developers and provide possible solutions.

SibarS takes performance testing a step further, from test results to specific recommendations on performance improvement.

Server-side performance testing   Special performance testing types   Profiling and optimization
  • Performance / Load Stress
  • Stability
  • Scalability
  • Mobile
  • Client-side (User experience)
  • Performance testing in Cloud
  • PHP profiling
  • Java profiling
  • Net profiling
  • Database tuning
  • Application and Web servers configuration optimization

We provide performance optimization through:

  • Product design review for potential performance problems;
  • PHP, Java and .Net profiling to identify specific classes and methods in an application that cause performance bottlenecks;
  • Maximizing performance via optimization of the Application and Web servers configuration;
  • Tuning operating systems, load balancers and other software/hardware;
  • Tuning database servers configuration and optimizing database queries;
  • Using open source tools to reduce customer costs;
  • Using in-house accelerators to speed up analysis and reporting.

We can match performance testing services to customer needs and integrated these into an Agile iterative development process.


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Estonian branch: SibarS OÜ, Sepapaja 6, 15551, Tallinn, Estonia