Data Infrastructure Services

SibarS Inc big data management and processing servicesGovernments, military, corporations, financial institutions, hospitals, and private businesses amass a great deal of confidential information about their employees, customers, products, research, and financial status. Most of this information is now collected, processed and stored on electronic devices and transmitted across networks to other systems.

Should confidential information about a business' customers or finances or new product line fall into the hands of a competitor, such a breach of security could lead to negative consequences. Protecting confidential information is a business requirement, and in many cases also an ethical and legal requirement.

SibarS Inc. data mining services.SibarS Data Solutions (SDS) division provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that help federal agencies, state & local governments, corporate, business and private entities and educational institutions store, access, manage and secure their information. 

SDS - we are data center engineering and management consulting SibarS Group of Companies unit, specializing in high-availability data centers. Our mission is to address technical aspects of contemporary data center issues. Our consultants bring first-hand expertise from data center planning, design, building, operations, and management to their evaluations of existing and proposed facilities.

Independent of any Engineer-of-Record or manufacturer affiliation, SDS consulting teams help clients develop and execute solutions that are responsive to their unique business needs in order to ensure that their data center is managed for uninterruptible uptime over sustained periods.


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