SibarS Group of Companies proudly presents time-proven major counterparts. We do value our collaboration and are grateful for all the joint experience, expertise, vision, success and achievements we share with our Partners! 

Oracle Capital GroupOracle Capital Group is a global independent multi-family office and wealth consultancy specialising in emerging markets. 
Founded in 2002, Oracle Capital Group provides comprehensive, tailored and confidential services for high-net-worth individuals and their families, including investment advisory (through our offices in Switzerland and the Bahamas), wealth structuring and asset protection, asset financing and insurance, legal case management, property development, and concierge services.
Oracle Capital Group has 7 offices (Luxembourg, London, Geneva, Nassau, Moscow, Almaty and Limassol) and employs over 100 staff worldwide.

Kuper Group of CompaniesKuper Group companies make “invisible bridges” between science and industry, between producers and Customers, between dream and reality. There are no barriers for implementation of Customers' ideas and order processing for the team. Kuper Group companies are ready to treat each Customer in individual way. Fast decision making and fine execution of orders, the professionalism in solving tasks and a wide range of services and products, the originality of products and compliance with modern requirements are their competitive advantages, allowing them to feel competitive with their skills comparing to leaders of oil and gas servicing industry. The advantage of the group of companies is that they are not affiliated with major manufacturing companies of equipment and technology that provides a Customer better choice without lobbying one product to them.

Russian Telecom Equipment Company (RTEC)Russian Telecom Equipment Company (RTEC) is a part of Russian Technologies State Corporation (ROSTEC). The mission of the company founded in 2007 is to develop the best-of-the-type integrated trusted solutions for the branched IT infrastructure.

RTEC carries out activities in the spheres of research, development and implementation of new&integrated networking technologies, including critical infrastructure; means of generating information security; complex automated security systems; situational-analytical centers.

The company's products are relevant to federal government agencies, regional and local authorities, financial institutions, service providers, industrial corporations related to the fuel and energy sector and the transport sector, enterprises and objects, heavily relying on high volume data-driven heavily-loaded processing infrastructure, as well as foreign governments and private companies.


FinInvest Limited Liability Company is full-cycle financial and legal services and consultancies provider, specializing in elaboration of business and technical documentation, providing opprotunities for business facilitation and co-representation services for foreign entities, interested in Russian markets presence.

SibarS Group of Companies is constantly looking forward for the continuation of mutually profitable collaboration with all the interested entities.



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