Privacy and Official Regulation In Contemporary Cryptocurrencies: А Well-Balanced Approach For Legal Solution

Privacy and Official Regulation In Contemporary Cryptocurrencies: А Well-Balanced Approach For Legal Solution - Practical solution based on the extended scientific research book is available for sale both online and in paper-printed version. The book is published within the framework of Privateum Initiative, aiming on achieving balance between strict regulations and privacy in cryptocurrencies.

book privacy and official regulationCryptocurrencies offer an alternative to traditional methods of electronic value exchange, promising anonymous, cash-like electronic transfers, but in practice they fall short for several key reasons. Privateum Initiative considers the false choice between total surveillance, as represented by banking as currently implemented by institutions, and impenetrable lawlessness, as represented by privacy-enhancing cryptocurrencies as currently deployed.

The authors of the book identify a range of alternatives between those two extremes, and consider two potential compromise approaches that offer both the auditability required for regulators and the anonymity required for users. As a final step the book focuses on research for a unified solution supporting both the approaches with the same flexibility of well integrated balance of privacy and legal regulation requirements.

More information about the book and the Privateum Initative is available at https://www.privateum.org/.


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